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* On February 22, 2006, has signed the xylene purchase and sale contract with the Japanese Yitou loyal trading joint-stock company, has made a connection the xylene import channel, scarcely alleviated the xylene resources to be contradictory, had guaranteed the thing flowed the balance.
* On September 1, 2004, the company benzene bitter wine product examines and approves after the Anhui Province name brand strategy advancement committee, evaluates Anhui Province "the famous brand goods" the title, from now on, the company benzene bitter wine and Zhou suan the series product will be Anhui Province "the famous brand goods".
* In June, 2003, the company total investment 46.34 million Yuan, yearly produce 20,000 tons benzene bitter wine items of basic construction, official implementation; On July 28, 2004, the project goes into production, and through reaches produces reaches the sign approval, the company benzene bitter wine installment total output can amount to for 30,000 tons/years. This product goes into production, the year creation output value, the sale receives 150 million Yuan, and caused the company same year the output value, the sales income, the fund to re-steam amounts to about 300 million Yuan.
* On August 24, 2002, the company obtains the foreign trade "the import and export self-management power", for further participated in the international market competition to create the condition.
* In June, 2002, the company starts to implement yearly produces 10,000 tons benzene bitter wine technological transformation extension project, in September installs goes into production and puts out the certified product, the comprehensive economic efficiency is obvious.
* In July, 2001, yearly produces 550 tons antioxidants 4,020 projects official constructions, in the same year in October goes into production, puts out the quality product, has filled the Anhui Province blank.
* On December 31, 2000, the organic company ISO9002 quality system passes after the Guangdong quality system authentication center verification approval; On September 21, 2003 - 22nd, company quality system transformation version ISO9001: 2,000 passes through the national quality system authentication committee expert group to verify passes.
* On December 17, 2000, after the Tongling city environmental protection bureau, Tongling city Economical trade committee inspects the approval, the organic company waste water government always discharges the mouth to reach the sign according to national level of standards to discharge.
* On September 13, 2000, the Tongling chemical industry group company board of directors studies the decision to carry on the adjustment to the organic company management, Qianye clearly is appointed organic company chairman of the board, party committee secretaries, general manager.
* On February 28, 1998, the enterprise changed the system for the Tongling chemical industry group limited company organic chemical industry limited liability company.
* On July 30, 1996, the total investment 7.6 million Yuan, yearly produced 5,000 tons neighbours method benzene bitter wine to change the extension project to begin the construction, on March 28, 1997 Investment material the test run, put out the certified product.
* In December, 1991, the Tongling chemical industry group company had been established, the organic chemical plant is the group company sets up when one of four cores levels units.
* On September 24, 1987, "the courtyard sign" the trademark became effective by the national bureau of industry and commerce authorization official registration, the registration number was 285,647.
* On March 13, 1987, "the naphthalene sulfonation law prepared Zhou" suan the project, "the TL - boiler eliminated the dregs medicinal preparation" the project separately to attain the Tongling city people’s government science and technology progress second prize, the third prize. "The TL - boiler eliminates the dregs medicinal preparation" the project to have the honor to receive the Anhui Province technological award appraisal committee to issue "the honor prize".
* In December, 1986, rubber anti oxident 4010NA Shui Zhiqing the system test run, a success, the hydrogen was qualified; In June, 1987 antioxidant 4010NA went into production, tests a car a time of success, and put out the certified product; In October, 1987, new product RT peisi went into production, in 1993 expanded produces to 1,000 tons/years.
*  On April 29, 1986, the Tongling organic chemical plant attained Anhui Province "to create the competition good" "the advanced unit", the Anhui Province chemical industry system "created the competition good" "the superior unit", the Anhui Province labor competition committee issued "Silver awarding cup", the Anhui Province chemical industry department issued the gold medal. Manager Comrade Feng Xianjiang attains the nation "51" the work medal.
* In December, 1985, yearly produced 200 tons Phenyl peri acid installment conclusion installment, Investment material the test run put out the certified product; In June, 1996, yearly produced 600 tons Phenyl peri acid  positions acid production installment to go into production.
* In July, 1985 yearly produced 2,500 tons naphthalene law benzene bitter wine project to continue constructs the project to end, officially went into production.
* In June, 1984, the coating production workshop equipment setup ended, time tests a car successfully, puts out the certified product.
* In May, 1984, yearly produced 160 ton Zhou suan the project to be completed, Investment material tested a car a time of success, after this was puts up a factory trial produces the successful first new product; In February, 1985, yearly produced 320 ton Zhou suan to expand the project to go into production; In July, 1988, yearly produced 600 ton Zhou suan to expand the project to go into production; In October, 1995, yearly produced 1,000 ton Zhou suan extension project completion to go into production.
* On June 1, 1983, the Anhui Province Tongling city chemical fiber factory organic chemical industry partial alone established, has established the Tongling city organic chemical plant. Has the staff 172 people, the fixed asset net worth 988,900 Yuan, a set yearly produces 500 tons naphthalene law benzene bitter wine production installment, is the system of ownership by the whole people small chemical industry enterprise.

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